About me

Following a multilingual degree and international work experience I am combining my passions & skills and a working as a freelance translator and journalist.

Flexible, precise and organized.

Three words which describe me very well and immediately show, what you can expect from working with me. As a location-independent freelancer with a home base in Europe, I am working with a flexible schedule with Swiss precision and organizational talent. Mixed with my multicultural work experience this results in custom-made and well-thought-out content for your platform.

As a translator I specialize in English <> German translations of commercial and private websites, blog articles and other SEO-optimised online content.

As a journalist, my areas of expertise are politics, adventure and travel and I deliver original and well-researched content, that perfectly suit your target audience.

You can read more about my services here.

You can also find me at mirigoesround.com, where I write all things travel, adventure, books and navigating life.